We offer counsel for a variety of property and utility management endeavors as well as concerns within the aviation industry.

We have successfully and regularly consulted with the developers and utility owners in their efforts to establish and maintain quality living at White Mountain Lakes. With a comprehensive knowledge of the domestic water delivery system and the waste water collection and treatment system, Silver Creek Properties Consulting and Management has consistently served to maintain these vital services to the White Mountain Lakes community for a variety of proprietors over many years.

Silver Creek Properties Consulting & Management, LLC is available to provide property and utility development services in the White Mountain region. We have established relationships with State and local government agencies as well as several engineering firms that work to design necessary drawings and calculations on behalf of developers and owners.

We are also versed in a variety of alternate waste water systems that can help make the most challenging of home sites receptive to building according to regulations.

We welcome your call to obtain a quote for your unique or challenging project.